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Entropia Universe is not like any other MMO virtual world.
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Entropia Universe is a Real Cash Economy (RCE) virtual world. This means that eveything has a real life value - and you can withdraw your virtual currency in this free to play MMO as real cash to your bank account!

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Entropia Universe is a leading MMO virtual world staged in a universe where you join thousands of people from all over the real world through your avatar. A seamless environment with no regional servers, you will interact in real time however you would like. Build your gear, your skills, your friendships and your assets by depositing or funding your adventures with the real world cash you earn inside the virtual world
The entropia universe is the first of its kind, allowing you to earn real money with your avatar in a virtual world.

Do you have what it takes to succeed?
You can earn money with your avatar inside Entropia Universe by completing missions, winning events, discovering rare items, doing jobs, selling goods just to name a few - your imagination is the only limit.

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