Entropia universe offers you the most advanced avatar creation system from any virtual world. Once you have created your account you will begin your virtual life in the Genesis station, where you will have the ability to try on armor and outfits, as well as learn the basics of navigating your avatar through the vast virtual universe.

While in Genesis you will have the ability to customize your avatars appearance. If you don't wish to spend too much time on this, or would like to shortcut to a different avatar design to start modifying from you can choose from a diverse variety of avatar presets.

With a massive amount of customization options, and the highest quality avatar layouts you've ever seen, you really can make your avatar look EXACTLY like you do in real life. That of course doesn't mean you have to, but the system is advanced enough to allow you to accomplish this.

Have a look at the avatar creation video below to show you just how advanced and customizable the system is. Once you have begun your journey in the Entropia Universe you will be able to visit beauticians to have your avatar further customized if you wish to do so.


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Avatar Creation FAQ (Click to Open)

Q: How much does it cost to customize my avatar?

Customizing your avatar when you first create your account is completely free.

Q: How do I change my avatars appearance in the future?

You can recreate your avatar as many times as you would like before you leave the Genesis starting area.

Once you have left Genesis you will need to visit a beautician to have your avatars appearance altered further.

Q: What do beauticians charge to modify my avatar?
Pricing is completely up to the beautician, however as this is a real cash economy and laws of competition apply you are sure to find competitive pricing for avatar customization in the virtual world.