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Invest in Virtual Land Deeds

Calypso land deeds are just like owning stock options inside the entropia universe, dividends are paid once a week based on revenues generated by the player base of calypso.

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Build a Virtual Business

There are many options to earn money in the Entropia universe, and many tools to help you. Own a shop, trade the auctions, modify other avatars, or any other number of virtual world businesses are available to you once you've created your account.

Create a Service

Each virtual world in Entropia Universe gives you different opportunities for services. Maybe you can be a medic and gain skills while earning a few PED for your time, promote business' in game for a fee to help others gain exposure. Be creative, there are always opporunities in any real world or virtual economy.


Earn money in a virtual world - have you ever heard that before?

Entropia Universe is a real cash economy with thousands of avatars from all over the world. Purchase land deeds and share revues with the developers or buy taxable land and impliment new and exciting creatures for the community to hunt.

Most of the population is here for entertainment, and would like to have their experience be as enjoyable as possible. You can help by purchasing their goods and profiting by a reasonable margin, or by becoming a medic to a hunter, or gaurding miners who venture into player lootable zones.

Trading can be one of the most profitable professions in Entropia Universe if done well. Building a regular customer base of miners and hunters that sell you their loots and minerals for a fair price allows you to earn while they get quick cash to keep after that next big loot.

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