Entropia Universe is a real cash economy, and with this you may turn a profit as a pirate, man hunter, or as a member of an elite group that takes control of virtual world land areas that generate real cash profits for those strong enough to control them.

Space Pirates

Aside from small areas of safety around space stations, all of space is a lootable player versus player zone. This means you have the ability to kill other avatars and loot them for valuable resources. With the diverse economy of the virtual world many seek to turn a profit moving materials from one planet to another to profit on higher demand.

Many pirates will utilize the fast and light quad wing's to attack larger ships and loot the inhabitants for what riches they may carry. Seek out smaller prey as people slowly crawl across space in inferior ships as you fly solo or coordinate with other pirates

Pirating is a game of patience and tactics, do you have what it takes to profit off the lives of others in the vastness of space?

PVP Zones

Across the majority of land on the virtual worlds of Entropia people are safe from being killed by others as they hunt mine and explore. There are select areas of valuable resources that draw hunters to seek profit, and miners to retrieve the minerals with the highest values.

The most valuable minerals are typically found in Toxic Zones, these areas require you to take a toxic shot to enter without being killed by the air upon entry. Work solo or with others to hunt down those that would seek to make their fortune off the materials in these areas, as when you kill them, you may loot them for the resources that have aquired here, or been foolish enough to bring in with them.

Land Grabs

For the strongest of the strong, and the most well organized of groups, land grabs can be extreemly profitable. Each virtual land area in the land grab system hosts a fortified structure for you to defend or assault. Once a month these lands become open for the strogest society to take control.

As you storm the fort by any means necessary, kill the defending players and control the land marker long enough to claim ownership of the property for the next month. You and your society will split the tax revenue from those that come to hunt and mine on these lands until the time comes to defend your claim.

As the controlling society you may utilize heavy mounted cannons to blast invading ships and tanks that those on the offensive may use to remove you from your post. Do you have the skills to control the lands of the virtual world?