Basic Crafting Guide

Crafting requires a good basic knowledge of the Entropia Universe. Before starting crafting it is highly recommended that one visit the other professions of hunting and mining. From these two professions you will gather resources that will be needed and used in the crafting of items. Mining will allow your avatar to get Enmatter and Minerals and Hunting will allow for Cloth, hides, extractors, wood, wools, animal/robot parts, sockets, oils, and other various items. Once you gather some resources you may search the resource on the crafting resource guide to find out what that resource makes and which other resources you will need to craft an item.


Like all of the professions in the universe you will need to start out with little or no skill and choose which path you would like to persue in your crafting career. Specializing in one or two areas is recommended so that you can provide goods to other avatars that will help you with turning a profit or making MU (mark up).

Armor: Various styles and colors may be made to outfit avatars for the hunting profession.
Attachments: Used to make Scopes and Laser sights for weapons as well as Mining amps to attach to tools.
Clothing: Different options for the social elite, the traders, the models, and ofcourse your average Joe. Look your best always!
Components: Recommended to start your crafting career. Cheapest to make and best way to gain skill. Needed for complex crafting.
Enhancers: Used by hunters and miners to improve their tools and weapons, often demand very good mark up.
Furniture: Everyone needs to decorate their apartment, advertise on a sign, or Have a refridgerator to keep their drink chilled!
Textures: Needed to enhance clothing, Vehicles, and some furniture.
Tools: Mining, Vehicle repair, first aid for healing and scanning friends or foes. Tools are important to all participants.
Weapons: Many weapons in game are crafted by players. Daggers, swords, rifles & hand guns(BLP/Laser), & rocket launchers.
Vehicle: Parts and vehicles to travel through space, hover over the deserts, or travel by sea.

Beginning crafting

Before crafting you will need to gather resources and have the following:

Blueprints (BP's): Required to craft any item, May be purchased through a terminal, auction house, or a trader.

Blueprint Book: Used to store your blueprints in your storage as to not take up valuable space with many dulicate blueprints.

Residue: Use to make items full condition, if you are crafting a Limited item (L). If not sell on the auction house for a profit.

Crafting has 3 possible outcomes:

Success: The item you intended to craft, plus usually some residue and occassionally a new blueprint.

Near Success: Some items may be returned and more than likely some residue.

Fail: All materials will be lost and nothing returned.