As your skills build you will begin to unlock professions, over 80 available in total that are classified into four main categories and one miscellaneous category. As you build skills these will cause your professional standings to rise accordingly. As your professions rise you will be able to use new weapons, tools, and blueprints that have higher level requirements   first person view in entropia universe

.Building your professions to higher standings can be very beneficial in your efforts to profit within the Entropia Universe. As you can utilize stronger weapons you will now be able to kill creatures with more valuable loot, and take less decay on your armor. You will be able to manufacture items from blueprints that others may not have the skill for, giving you an edge in the supply and demand market. Or you may now dig deeper in the soil for more valuable minerals that the general population does not have access to.

Your professional standings will grow allowing you access to a wider variety of equipment in general, opening new options so you may play at what level you feel like at any time.

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The Combat professional class is mainly composed of standard weapon use, including rifles, pistols, swords, and clubs. Your defensive skills will also be included in this area such as evade, which will reduce the amount that other creatures or avatars are able to hit you on average.

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Your professional standings in the manufacturing class will mainly include your ability to use blueprints in the manufacturing process, upgrade tier levels on tools and weapons as well as the attributes of spacecraft.

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The allmighty powers that lay within your mindforce implants are all included in this category. Mindforce includes its own classes of weapons and medical abilities, teleportation, ressurection and ability boosts.

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Your professional standings in mining will be related to your ability to survey for materials of various types and extract them efficiently. Specialize in one class of mining or in all three categories as you choose.

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Investigation, tailoring, and beauty are the main types of professionas that fill this category. Your professional standings in this group are more associated with service based skills than the other categories.

Professional Classes:


Combat BLP Pistoleer (Hit)

Combat BLP Sniper (Hit)

Combat Brawler(Dmg)

Combat Brawler(Hit)

Combat Captain

Combat Decoy Dispenser

Combat Dodger

Combat Evader

Combat Gauss Sniper (Hit)

Combat Grenadier (Dmg)

Combat Grenadier (Hit)

Combat Gunner (Dmg)

Combat Gunner (Hit)

Combat Knifefighter (Dmg)

Combat Knifefighter (Hit)

Combat Laser Pistoleer (Hit)

Combat Laser Sniper (Hit)

Combat Mounted BLP (Hit)

Combat Mounted Grenadier (Hit)

Combat Mounted Laser (Hit)

Combat One Handed Clubber(Dmg)

Combat One Handed Clubber(Hit)

Combat Paramedic

Combat Plasma Pistoleer (Hit)

Combat Plasma Sniper (Hit)

Combat Ranged BLP (Dmg)

Combat Ranged Gauss(Dmg)

Combat Ranged Laser (Dmg)

Combat Ranged Plasma (Dmg)

Combat Spacecraft Engineering

Combat Swordsman (Dmg)

Combat Swordsman (Hit)

Combat Two Handed Clubber (Dmg)

Combat Two Handed Clubber (Hit)

Combat Whipper (Dmg)

Combat Whipper (Hit)


Manufacturing Armor Engineer

Manufacturing Attachment Engineer

Manufacturing BLP Weapons Engineer

Manufacturing Carpenter

Manufacturing Electronics Engineer

Manufacturing Enhancer Manufacturer

Manufacturing Gauss Weapons Engineer

Manufacturing Laser Weapons Engineer

Manufacturing Longblades Engineer

Manufacturing Material Manucaturer

Manufacturing Mechanical Engineer

Manufacturing Metal Engineer

Manufacturing Plasma Weapons Engineer

Manufacturing Powerfist Engineer

Manufacturing Projectile Launcher Engineer

Manufacturing Shortblades Engineer

Manufacturing Tailor

Manufacturing Tier Upgrader

Manufacturing Tool Engineer

Manufacturing Vehicle Engineer

Manufacturing Vehicle Structural Engineer


Mindforce Biotropic

Mindforce Cryogenic (Dmg)

Mindforce Cryogenic (Hit)

Mindforce Electro Kinetic (Dmg)

Mindforce Electro Kinetic (Hit)

Mindforce Jammer

Mindforce Pyro Kinetic (Dmg)

Mindforce Pyro Kinetic (Hit)

Mindforce Sweat Gatherer

Mindforce Telepath

Mindforce Translocator


Mining Archaelogist

Mining Driller

Mining Miner

Mining Prospector

Mining Surveyor

Mining Treasure Hunter


Miscellaneous Animal Investigator

Miscellaneous Animal Tamer

Miscellaneous Body Sculptor

Miscellaneous Colorer

Miscellaneous Face Sculptor

Miscellaneous Hair Stylist

Miscellaneous Humanoid Investigator

Miscellaneous Material Designer

Miscellaneous Mentor

Miscellaneous Mutant Investigator

Miscellaneous Pet Handler

Miscellaneous Robot Investigator

Miscellaneous Technology Investigator