Entropia Universe
Real Cash Economy MMO

Hunt, Fight, Mine, Craft all for virtual goods with real cash value.
Build your gear, build your skills, level up in all classes on one avatar.
Will you be the next one to rip a $10,000 weapon out of some monsters
carcass or find a mining claim worth $20,000?

Planet Calypso avatars in armour CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT NOW
Dominate the Galaxy
So you like to hunt people do you?

Get ready, Lock & load, suit up to join the ranks of the dark side, The entirity of space between planets and select locations within the Entropia Universe are lootable player vs. player zones. Hunt other avatars in these zones and loot them for items worth real world cash!
Take no prisoners...

PKed by player in vindicator START DOMINATING NOW
Fight for Freedom

In the dark chasm of space and in areas of premium resources on planets there are those who would attempt to mame, murder and loot their victims. You may be the only line of defense against the pirates and the man hunters that lie within.

airplane dualseat four wings STEP INTO THE LIGHT

Stunning graphics, massive customization of perspective and controls, professions with no maximum limit, evolve with Entropia!

Entropia Universe provides an amazing environment that runs on the CryENGINE 2 game engine to give premium graphics for your gaming experience. A fully customizable control interface to tie up to 12 differnt full keyboard sets as well as customizable one click screen icons for every command you can imagine for however you like to manipulate your world. Play in first person, third person at just the right distance, or navigate the universe in over the shoulder as you see fit.
There is no cap on the level of skills and the peak of professions in the Entropia Universe. Climb to the top or play at the level that suites you, no matter how high you go the Entropia Universe is sure to evolve and keep presenting you with new challenges for your skillset for years to come.

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Mining tool to extract resources from the ground

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