Entropia Universe is a free to play MMO. You can sign up for free, download the game for free and play for free.

Everything inside Entropia Universe does have a real life value, Entropia Universe is RCE, meaning Real Cash Economy. Every time you loot a creature, or find a mineral deposit - you will be able to sell the items or minerals for real money!

Free to do what you want

Playing for free inside Entropia Universe is a skill that few master yet many try. The game does offer some possibilities of earning money by playing the game without any deposits. You can engage in activities such as gathering natural materials; manage events and other social activities. However, all of this will be easier to do if you make an initial deposit.

Are you good enough to prosper inside Entropia Universe without paying? Do you have what it takes to play Entropia Universe for free? It is entirely up to you if you want to deposit or not...


Playing for free

Do I need to deposit?

No. You do not need to deposit any money to be able to play Entropia Universe. Entropia Universe is a completely free to play MMO. You can do many activities that does not requiere you to spend any money. Help hunters lure animals out of their hiding and earn a little cash that way. Harvest natural materials or act as a "runner" for event promoters. You can collect dung, rocks, and fruit and sell them to other players as well. Where these items hold a small value, large amounts of wealth can be built from those who know how to make each PED count.

Should I deposit?

You are not required to deposit, however if you wish to participate in the Entropia Universe purely for entertainment it is advised that you deposit a small amount initially to give yourself the freedom to use all that is available to you. Depositing saves you the effort of having to earn money within the Entropia Universe to play. Many people choose to deposit and also utilize their deposits to earn while they play. Play on any budget you wish, no subscription fees, no contracts, you're in control.