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Your decisions will affect which path you choose, and your reputation will start to build from day one. Just like in the real world, your actions have consiquences and the dynamic social structure of the virtual world is no different.

The way you treat others, the way you choose to progress, the methods in which you use to profit are fully in your control. Will you be choose the path of total domination, or build yourself on the viruous deeds you do for the community?

Whichever path you choose, you should make your decision early on, as the strong community within the Entropia Universe will know who you are as you venture to make a name for yourself. You can be strong, successful and a force to be reconed with weather you choose a hero or a villains path, know now that virtual world gives you the freedom to choose for yourself.

Choose your path

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Dominate the Universe

Pirates, man hunters, and fierce societies claim control of space and land for the sake of profit. Will you be the most feared? Will you stand in the shadows or approach every obstacle with fearsom resolve!

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Fight for Freedom

Using your wits and your strength will you defend the weak? Will you protect the community as they travel through the dangers of space? Show the world that you have the strength to stand up to the pirates of the Entropia Universe!