first person view in entropia universe

You are your avatar. Playing in first person view allows you to melt together with your avatar and truly experience the virtual world of Entropia Universe as if you were there yourself.

Using the scope on your rifle you get a clear view of your next prey, take aim and fire.... Entropia Universe offers you the action and excitement of any first person shooter game, but inside Entropia Universe all your actions matter. Did the creature you just killed have a precious diamond lodged between its teeth?

No other first person shooter games can deliver the same excitement as Entropia Universe - Are you really as good as you think? Start to play Entropia Universe today and see if you have what it takes in this leading first person shooter MMORPG.

Play like you want to

third person view

Want 3rd person view?

If you would like to play in 3rd person view, this is also possible in Entropia Universe. Simply scroll the view out, and see your avatar at just the right distance for you. Want to play from "right over the shoulder" or 10 meters away? Entropia Universe allows you to play in any way you would like to.

image of click to navigate

Click to navigate?

Entropia Universe allows you to map your own keyboard settings - if you want the classis "wasd" movement it is possible. You can also set up the game so you can click on the ground with the mouse where you want to go, then your avatar moves to that location.