Events Overview

There are many different types of events within the Entropia Universe to keep things interesting for you. Planet partners will regularly host large scale events where you may win items worth thousands of real world dollars. Independent promoters and land owners will also host events through the in game event system, through forums, or through the automated event services on

Developer Based Events

Various planets within the Entropia Universe will host annual events to give players an opportunity to win items with large cash values. Giving away armor, weapons, tools, virtual land areas and unique creature DNA worth upwards of $10,000 each for the top contenders. These events are usually run with a unique creature spawn or in a customized dungeon crawl environment for a limited period of time and also give you a chance to loot rare items from them on top of your chance to win one of the grand prizes.

Events hosted by planet partners are always free to enter, and you are able to compete by shifting your attention to the creatures, minerals, or crafting activities that are included in the event, or by accepting an event based mission from an NPC. These event provide a real profit incentive to build your skills and your gear to compete for the truely gran prizes, but also give everyone a shot at taking home some extra cash.

Participant Hosted Events

In game system

On all land areas and in selected areas players are able to use a system that has been built in to allow user created events. These events will take place in a specific location, within the confines of a land area, inside of a player vs. player combat ring, or through the fortress system where two massive armies may attempt to earn event points by destroying the opposing force, along with key elements of their fortress.

Player events require a registration fee for the event promoter, the promoter is responsble for assigning the event rules from a variety of options available to them in this system to direct their event at a specific audience. Prizes are provided by the promoter by dragging items or PED into the winning position slots. If you win an event, the prizes will be automatically placed into your inventory and a message will go out in global chat notifying everyone that you have claimed victory. Promoters may choose to allow free entry to their events or charge a ticket price.

Registering for in game events

You may register for an event either at the location of the event through an NPC or land area marker, or through the global event system. Right right click for your menu dropdown, go to settings, then click event list or go to event list in your action menu. You will be able click on each event from the list to view the promoters description of th event, the rules location and prizes, and when the event will begin and end. Once you click register on this window you will be able to jump straight to the event location up to 15 minutes before or anytime during the event

Entropia Life Events

Entropia Life provides a MindArk approved client for you to download that gives you a variety of useful tools. The client also tracks information about globals from within the game and feeds that information to the EntropiaLife database where it is utilized to allow another automated form of events that both independent promoters and planet partners utilize

After you have created your avatar, go to and create your profile with your exact avatar name, and view the event section to see what is available. Typically you will see events hosted by land owners offering prizes for achieving large globals/hofs or having the most in a given time period in any area. These events may come with substatial prizes depedning on the promoter. BIG Industries, an in game land owner group, has implimented events with over $10,000 (100,000 PED) across their land areas through this system so be sure to check in for regularly schedule events.

Plugin Events on Entropia Life

In the Plugin section of there are various third party systems in place to provide you with additional resources and tools. BIG Industries has placed a Reward Program tool in this area to provide everyone that hunts on their lands the ability to build reward points as they global on their lands, reward points are redeemable for in game items, PED, and real world items and cash cards.