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Virtual World Party Time

With a massive population in the virtual world, many real world personalities come to life!
Chat live in text or voice with people from around the globe while listening to in game radio stations and dancing in the crowd.

Show Your Emotion

From day one within this busy virtual world you have a wide variety of emotes to allow you to express your happiness, your anger, or confusion through your avatar. Dance anything from pogo to gagnam style when you want to get the party started.


Make friends in Entropia Universe

The community in Entropia Universe is one of the friendliest communities in any MMO virtual world. Mentors are all around to help you find your way and meet new people, societies allow you to join a group with common interests and have your own private channel to chat in.

Jump onto a mothership and cruise the universe with your friends, visit a wide variety of virtual worlds in the Entropia Universe and find the place you would like to call home. You can purchase your own apartment and furnish it just the way you'd like. Shop for custom tailored and textured clothing that represents you as an individual, paint your car, boat or helicopter to make a statement whenever you arrive

Whoever you want to be, however you want to look, wherever you would like to call home in the Entropia Universe is completely up to you!

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