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Find Your Home

Every virtual world in the Entropia Universe is developed by a different independtly owned graphics studio. Explore that unique variety of planets from developers all over the real world and find where you would like to call home.

Evolve with Entropia

Just like the vastness of space, the Entropia Universe is always expanding. Adding new planets, new areas to explore in the depths of the universe where will you go next?


Play in the Entire Universe

When you play Entropia Universe you can travel between the different planets. Each planet has a specific theme and is developed by its own studio. If you would like to take part in the robot wars, visit Planet Calypso. Want to search for treasure, Arkadia might be your new home, or maybe you'd like to slay zombies and call Rocktropia home. Every planet you travel to inside Entropia Universe is a new virtual world, with more than most will have time to explore, maybe you will be the first to visit every corner of the Entropia Universe? You may encounter a highly industrialized planet with technology never before seen, a tropical paradise for leisure and relaxing, or perhaps you'll end up stranded on some space station learning to survive off the virtual worlds entirely. There are very few who have learned all the secrets of the Entropia Universe, will you be next?

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