Entropia Universe Investments Build Real World Cash

virtual stock options

Planet Calypso released the first ever virtual stock options as "Calypso Land Deeds" in early 2012. 60,000 Calypso land deeds now circulate the population of entropia and represent 25% of the net income from avatar activity on the planet. To obtain CLD's, as they're known, you simply purchase them off another player directly or through the in game auction system. Once a week you will receive a payment in your PED flow center based on the number of CLD's you own. The dividends earned from your CLD are transferrable directly to your PED card and able to be withdrawn to your bank account through secure transaction from MindArk, the games developer.

The Entropia Universe offers investment opportunities like no other virtual world. Purchase a land deed from another participant or when new lands are developed for purchase by planet partners. Collect rare creature DNA to implement on your lands and entice hunters to frequent your property. More details on Virtual Land Areas available here.

Have you invested in real world property, stocks, bonds, tangible goods before? Entropia Universe is really no different, with every opportunity there is a level of risk, higher risks tend to yield higher rewards when they pay off just like the real world. If you consider yourself a savvy investor, or just want a sandbox to test your investment intuition on reasonable scale, Entropia Universe offers the right investment environment for you.

asset protection in virtual world

Safety In Virtual Investment

Entropia Universe is a real cash economy MMO virtual world, and with this MindArk wants to ensure that your money is safe and secure. All avatar accounts have the option of purchasing a gold card (also available free with 5000 PED deposit), the entropia universe gold card will be shipped to you directly and generates a one-time key for each time you login to the Entropia Universe. This same method is used in some banking systems across the world to generate onetime ATM pin codes and is a safe and secure method of protecting your personal banking information and your virtual assets that hold real world value.


Entropia Investments FAQ (Click to Open)

Q: Where do I start?

In order to purchase anything inside the Entropia Universe you need to create an account, you will then be able to access peer to peer trade and the in game auction system to find what you are looking for.

Q: How do I know my investments are safe?

Whenever you deposit or withdraw your money from the Entropia Universe it is done through only the most secure sources. This is the only virtual world with a truly functioning real cash economy and MindArk works diligently to protect your assets from unlawful hands.

As a secondary precaution it is highly recommended that you utilize the gold card system with your account. This will allow only the person who physically holds the gold card to access your account, providing you absolute protection from hacking, key logging and other online threats.

Q: Where can I find additional resources to help me make investment decisions?
There are various forums and blogs that provide information to help you with your investment choices. Nothing can compare to the raw data available on www.EntropiaLife.com though when it comes to analyzing lands, creatures, loots, and auctions to help you make your decisions.