Create a Service in the Entropia Universe:

planet arkadia teleporter

Create your own service in or around the Entropia Universe based on your real life abilities. Maybe you can produce videos, or are really good at coordinating events; there are many investors that are willing to pay for good quality service providers.

Business owners, radios stations, and transportation companies are just a few of the organizations you might be able to help with promotion both in game and on third party websites. Having a good understanding of the dynamics of Entropia Universe and being able to identify services that can be provided will give you the opportunity to earn money in the virtual world based on your real world skills.

Be creative, are you an artist or musician maybe? Use your talents to make the rest of the communities experience more enjoyable, people are here to be entertained and enjoy themselves so provide a service that helps accomplish that goal.



Here are a few examples of service ideas that may work for you in the Entropia Universe

concept art by Onciest


Upload your art onto player content screens in game and sell it to the community, or provide artistic services for business owners.

promoters in entropia

Town Crier

Help promote the service or business of other members of the community for a fee.

entropia video development

Video Development

Create videos for participants of Entropia or tutorials or fan videos to generate ad revenue on YouTube for yourself.

entropia event managment

Event Promoter

Assist land owners with management and promotion of their events or create your own events to sell tickets to through the in game system.

Entropia Service FAQ (Click to Open)

Q: Do I need to deposit cash to start a service?

Many services can be started without funds, as the individuals who choose to deposit may rather pay you to do tasks they would rather not or do not have the talents for, however a financial base can always be helpful

Q: How can I promote my services?

Utilizing in game chat, ad screens, and forums can be helpful. Purchasing ad space on highly trafficked sites or posting your skills on the Job Board can help give you the exposure you need to start a customer base

Q: How can depositing help me build my service in Entropia Universe?

Depositing will allow you to buy skills and equipment for various services, give you capitol to place your art in a store or booth for purchase or make your videos more entertaining due to the fun vehicles or weapons you've obtained.