Basic Mining

Mining inside Entropia Universe can be a fun and rewarding experience. This guide will tell you some of the basics you need to understand in order to mine inside Entropia Universe.

Why you should mine...

Entropia Universe is to a large extent a "user driven" game.
This means that the majority of commonly used items, such as armor, weapons, tools and other items, are crafted.
To craft an item you will need minerals and blueprints. The miners of Entropia Universe supply the crafters with the minerals needed to craft the various items avalible to the other participants. As a good miner you can earn a lot of cash inside Entropia Universe!

What do you need to mine in Entropia Universe?

Mining in Entropia Universe is one of the professions where you need the least amount of gear to get started, but it is also a profession where you need to know what to do - when.

To mine inside Entropia Universe you basically only need:

  • A detonator
  • An excavator
  • Bombs

How do you mine in Entropia Universe?

Mining inside Entropia Universe is done by equipping your detornator and selecting which types of resources you want to search for. At the moment you can search for Ores, Enmatters and Treasure.
To search for each type of mineral you will need to add more bombs to be dropped per "click".
This is simply done by selecting which mineral types you are looking for. It is adviced that you only search for enmatter when looking for good mining spots as this type of mineral requieres the lowest amount of bombs to be found. Once you find a deposit of enmatter, you can select to also search for ore in the same area. Treasure is only avalible on Planet Arkadia.

Different mining strategies in Entropia Universe

Amplified Mining

So, you are looking for the next 20 000 USD mineral find are you?
Sure, we all would like to find the next huge mineral find, and amplified mining is defenetly a good way to improve your chances. Just be careful. Aplified mining can get very expensive, very fast. Instead of paying 1 PED per bomb you drop. You can pay up to 10 PED pr bomb you drop (1 USD / click). When you do find something, it is often a bigger deposit - but, you need to find something fast for it to be profitable.

Strategic mining

If you want to mine the most effecient way, you need to spend a little money on locating a good mineral field.You can search the forums and various mining tools for Entropia Universe to discover where other people have been mining. But, the nature of those mining fields is that they are well known and often "over mined". To profit mining in Entropia Universe you need to find your own mining field. Then, figure out how quickly the minerals respawn in that area, and keep mining it at those intervals - this way you keep the mineral area a secret for as long as possible.