Guide to Owning Virtual Land Areas in Entropia Universe

fertilizing station for virtual lands

Owning land areas within the Entropia Universe is one of the significant benchmarks of the virtual world. A variety of defined areas are purchasable from either the virtual world developer or from other members of the community. Each land area has a deed that is held in it's owners inventory or storage that links this land area to their avatar.

image of virtual land area on in game map

Virtual land areas give you the ability to earn a profit based on the micro-transactions that take place within the defined borders of your property. When any avatar hunts or mines on your land they are cycling real world cash, when they retrieve their mining claims or loot the creature's on your land a % of their returns is automatically removed and sent to you as the land owner through your PED Flow Center. Income from the PED Flow Center can be automatically sent to your PED card and withdrawn to your real world bank account.

As a land owner you have control over the tax rate you choose to levy on those that come to your lands. Identifying a fair tax % based on what is available on your virtual land is crucial to not driving people away from your property.

virtual land control terminal

Each land area includes a management terminal which allows you to adjust various setting on your virtual land area. You have the ability to set different tax rates for hunting and mining activities, enable the land as a PVP zone, turn off radar for those on your property, or adjust the settings to where just you or others are able to create events on your land.

You also have the ability to input a custom message that will appear to other avatars when they enter your property, this can be useful in explaining upcoming events or identifying which creatures or minerals are available on your property. Avatars will also be able to see the tax rates you've set when entering your virtual property.

creating events on your virtual land area

Creating events on your land can be a good way to promote what creatures you have to offer the community while giving everyone a chance to win something extra or just have a little more virtual world fun. The in game event system gives you the ability to set the time and place for your events, establish prize structure and event rules, as well as have your event posted on the main event board that is viewable from anywhere inside Entropia Universe from player controls. Individuals can join your event and teleport directly to your land area 15 minutes before and any time during, you also have the ability to encode streaming audio in game for your event across the entire land area.

When seeking out your land area, it's a good idea to identify which minerals are in the ground before you make your purchase. You will not have the ability to adjust this so if your goal is to run a virtual land area focusing on miners then you want to be sure the land holds minerals that are of value to the community.

creature management terminal

Each land area also includes a creature management terminal that allows you to control what type of creatures you want to be available for the community to hunt on your virtual land area. You must obtain a DNA for the specific creature you wish to spawn on your land and insert it into an open DNA slot. Once you have placed DNA into your creature terminal it cannot be taken back out, it can only be destroyed, so be certain you want this creature on you land once you place the DNA. You will also have two control bars for each DNA in your creature terminal, one of these will affect the density of the creatures on your land, and one of them will affect the maturity.

To insert DNA, adjust DNA settings and maintain DNA settings you will need to spend improvement points. Improvement points are converted from fertilizer when it is placed in the creature terminal. You have the option to lock the density and maturity of your DNA's in this terminal, however it will automatically deduct improvement points on a daily basis so be sure you have enough improvement points. If your terminal runs out of improvement points the creatures density and maturity settings will become unlocked start to decline.

It can be in your better interests as a land owner to create many events and purchase promotional services from other avatars in the community. Using forums and automated 3rd party event services such as the one provided on can help you to develop a profitable land and entertain the community

asset protection in virtual world

Safety in Virtual Investment

Entropia Universe is a real cash economy MMO virtual world, and with this MindArk wants to ensure that your money is safe and secure. All avatar accounts have the option of purchasing a gold card (also available free with 5000 PED deposit), the entropia universe gold card will be shipped to you directly and generates a one time key for each time you log in to the entropia universe. This same method is used in some banking systems across the world to generate one time ATM pin codes and is a safe and secure method of proecting your personal banking information and your virtual assets that hold real world value.


Virtual Land Area FAQ (Click to Open)

Q: How expensive are virtual lands in Entropia?

The price on virtual land can vary greatly. DNA, minerals, ease of access, terrain, and purchased upgrades are all factors in determining the value of a land area. Expect to spend upwards of $10,000 as a starting point.

Q: How much money can I make owning land?

Every land area makes a different income based on what it has available to the community and how well the virtual land has been promoted and managed, some land owners purchase expecting a 10 year return on investment, others reach a 2 year ROI. As with the real world, choose your virtual land investments wisely.

Q: Where can I find additional resources to help me make investment decisions?
There are various forums and blogs that provide information to help you with your virtual land investment choices. There is a vast array of raw data available on when it comes to analyzing lands, creatures, and minerals to help you make your decisions.