A virtual world of emotion with the click of a button


Avatars within Entropia Universe come with one of the largest varieties of emotes of any virtual world. Set the mood on your avatars face so people know how you're feeling or hotkey a facial gesture to wink at others as they pass by.

Combine the facial emotion of your avatar with over 50 gestures that allow you to engage with the other members of the virtual world on a more human level and your unique options to express yourself through your avatar grow exponentially.

Feel free to start dancing spontaneously no matter what kind of music is flowing through your head, you're certain to find one or a combination of the dances available to fit the mood. Once you've tired yourself out, let everyone that see's your avatar know you're away by falling asleep upright, the AFK mode will be automatically triggered when you use the right words in local chat channels!

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Gallery of Virtual World Emotion