Play Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is like nothing you have seen before. When you play Entropia every action you take has consequences, real consequences. If you know where to mine for a mineral in high demand - you can make a lot of money from harvesting minerals in the virtual world. If, on the other hand, you do not think about how you use your money within the virtual world you can loose it quickly, just like the real world, play smart.

Traditional MMO games are centered around questing. While questing is available in Entropia Universe, this is only a very small part of the game. The real game is to earn money by playing the game. If you have tried WoW, EvE or some of the other MMO's - you know the thrill of building up your character. Now, imagine that everything you owned on your character were worth real money - and when you completed a quest, you would earn REAL money. This is what Entropia Universe is all about. WoW, EQ, EvE and all the other MMO's you might have been playing so far are just practice for Entropia Universe.

Although Entropia Universe offers stunning graphics you should not expect Entropia Universe to be an action packed MMO with focus on explosions and complex story lines. Entropia Universe is just like the real world in many aspects. If you just stand on the corner of the street all day - not much will happen. But if you engage in the community, go explore, build a service, form hunting parties, take part in events or some of the other activities you can engage in - Entropia Universe can offer so much more than any other MMO on the market today.


Player professions

Mining in Entropia Universe

Mining - good way to profit

As a miner your knowledge about the game, where which minerals can be found, matters more than anything else. If you know a certain area to hold precious minerals, it is surely only a matter of time before someone else discovers this area - do your best to find all minerals in the area and maximize your profit before more miners arrive.

Hunting global in Entropia Universe

Hunting - get the good stuff

As a hunter you stand a chance of looting some of the most profitable items inside Entropia Universe. Creature loots can contain rare items you can sell for a very large price. Perhaps the creature had a very rare gun sought after by hunters all over Entropia Universe - sell that gun for more than 1000 USD and withdraw the money to your real life bank account.

More about hunting

crafting in entropia

Crafting - A numbers game

Do you have the patience and the knowhow to craft metal, electronic and engine components from raw materials? Then take those components and use them to craft a new weapons, cars, pieces of armor, planes or a spacecraft? If you know what is currently in demand - and you have a steady supply of minerals you can become the next top crafter in Entropia Universe. Perhaps you want to start off by crafting components to another crafter? As a crafter you have a big impact on Entropia Universe.

clothing shop in entropia

Tailor - Are you creative?

Everyone wants to look their best. You know this as a tailor, and you know how your customers like their clothes to look. From the many different types of pants designs at your disposal you select the design that is currently in demand, tailor the pants from the finest animal hides, color it exactly as you want - and sell the pants for a profit. Tailoring is a profession where your design skills in real life matters more than anything else. Do you think your designs will win the next fashion show inside Entropia Universe?