Build a business:

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The Entropia Universe is a truly massive sandbox environment with an amazing variety of people who all want to do something different in this virtual world. The skill tree allows you to build over 100 unique skills that affect over 80 professional classes for your avatar. Build medical skills to provide a medical service to hunters, build beautician skills to open a beauty parlor and modify other avatars appearance. Develop high level mining skills and build a partnership with crafters to sell the materials you dig up. There are many options to build a business from the pre-determined skillsets; however that is only just the beginning.

virtual world shop in entropia

Many retail shops are available for purchase on the various virtual worlds of entropia. These shops allow you to place goods at predetermined prices for other avatars to purchase, avoiding auction fees in this manner can help you gain a extra few percent out of every sale, and build a regular and loyal customer base for the class of goods you choose to sell. Sell your hunting or mining loots, or specialize as a crafter and develop a weapon or armor shop, mining tools, or medical equipment, even vehicles can be manufactured and sold.

A variety of radio stations and third party services have been built by participants of the Entropia Universe, maybe that's more your speed? Develop a website, radio station, or video that is catered to the community and work with other individuals to grow together. Just like the real world, your imagination is the limit, work hard play hard, and have fun doing it.



Here are a few examples of business ideas that may work for you in the Entropia Universe

medical profession in the Entropia Universe


Develop medical skills by healing yourself and other members of the community. Purchase an economical or high heal rate medical tool and continue to build your skills while you charge for your services

virtual world shop

Shop Owner

Purchase the deed to a virtual shop where you can build a regular customer base for the goods you sell.

entropia transportation service

Transport Service

Obtain a space ship and charge other members of the community for safe and convenient passage between virtual worlds.

entropia beautition profession


Build your skills for customizing other avatars or their clothing and charge for your services.

Virtual Business FAQ (Click to Open)

Q: Do I need to deposit cash to start a business?

It is difficult to build any business, virtual or real world without capitol to start out with. You may start from zero and build from nothing however depositing some starting capitol will help you build your business faster in most cases.

Q: How do I get the skills for a profession based business?

You may either skill by using various pieces of equipment for the profession you choose to build your business around, or you may purchase skill implants for the skills you need from other players to speed this process up.

Q: How can I earn money as a non-depositor in Entropia Universe?

Without cash to start your business you will need to offer a service to others in the community to obtains some starting capitol. Please see the Create a Service a service section for more ideas.