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virtual world party

The Entropia Universe gives you vast landscapes, open seas, as well as sky and space to give you the option of taking in a sunset off the coast of Eudoria on Planet Calypso. Or to sit on top of a skyscraper and pick off zombies as they stumble about on Rocktropia. Maybe you'd like to explore deep caverns for treasure on Planet Arkadia?

Between the planets is an expanding vacuum that is ripe with beauty that you rarely see yourself in real life. The night's sky is full of stars, and you can see each unique planet in the universe fill your field of vision as you approach.

The people, the creatures, the landscapes will give you a level of entertainment in and of themselves even before you get into gameplay. The Entropia Universe is a masterfully assembled work of art for you to explore, take screenshots and upload our favorite scenery to a poster for your high rise apartment at Treasure Island or Celeste Harbor.

Wherever you are in this expansive universe, you will be constantly entertained by the sights and sounds of the virtual world.



Scenes of the Universe