10 PED is equal to one (1) USD

Behind the word "RCE MMO" lies the term "Real Cash Economy Massive Multiplayer Online". What this means is that every item inside Entropia Universe has a real life value. Every bullet you fire has a value, every ingot of iron you pull from the ground has a real life value and every piece of clothing you wear has a real life value.

This also means that even though Entropia Universe is free to play, almost any action you take inside Entropia Universe will have a real life price tag attached.

Prices on items inside Entropia Universe range from half a cent (USD) to several thousands of dollars... As a newcomer to Entropia Universe you will not need to purchase anything for a long time. You can simply explore the universe, take jobs that do not require you to own anything or help other people doing their quests and earn money this way. Then you can start purchasing the items you need to advance your avatar.

Once you have acquired a few items (armor, weapons, various tools) you can take on quests of your own. This is where the fun begins. If you excel in your quests you can actually make more money from questing that it costs to take the quests (ammo costs money remember). If you get really good at taking quests and know when to do what inside Entropia Universe, you can earn a lot of money. Do you have what it takes?


Facts about Entropia Universe RCE MMO

Sweating creatures inside Entropia Universe can earn you money

Can I play for free?

You can play Entropia Universe for free, but it is very hard! Out of the thousands of people who play Entropia Universe only few people are "playing for free". They are called "non depositors" inside Entropia Universe and they are known for their intense study of various charts, table and mechanics of the game. It is almost a fulltime job to keep updated with the knowledge needed to be able to play Entropia Universe for free.

It is advised that in order to "start quickly" and build up your avatar faster, that you deposit an initial amount of 10-20 USD. This will last you at least a month - if you play well. Do you have what it takes to put your money where your mouth is?

Picture of the Entropia Universe transfer center

Can I make money?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but you need to be very skilled and dedicated. Entropia Universe makes other MMO's look easy in comparison. You will need to be in the top 15% most dedicated people playing Entropia Universe to stand a chance at "long term profit" inside Entropia Universe. There is always a chance that you will be lucky and hit a 10 000 USD mineral find, but if you aim for long term profit inside Entropia Universe you need to study the game mechanics and understand how all aspects of Entropia Universe works. From which migration patterns the various creatures follow, to which items are in demand currently and where you will get the best prices for your raw materials. In the bottom right corner of this website you can see the latest high loots from inside Entropia Universe - people are making money on Entropia Universe.