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There are no avatar classes in Planet Calypso, the game uses a completely open-ended, skill-based system of character progression. Skills advance as you use them. A player might choose to make their avatar a combat-related role (hunting), a resource recovery role in mining where they can gather and supply enmatter or minerals, or something as benign as a beautician or a plastic surgeon to customize avatars of other players for a fee.
The currency conversion system allows players to actually invest in the game, and possibly even get profitable returns in real-life currency. Even skill gains on your avatar may be sold for a profit to other avatars in the game allowing for specialized skills to gain a competitive edge in any skill.

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avatars on planet calypso

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Join an Open-Ended Social, Economic and Political Action-Adventure as a Colonist on Planet Calypso.

Work: Earn money by performing paid jobs or by collecting resources for other colonists. Money earned is automatically credited to your avatar’s PED card.

Deposit: Deposit money via credit card and other options to your avatar’s PED card. You can withdraw from your avatar account to your bank account any time you want.

Planet Calypso has something to offer for all levels of play. Enjoy many creature missions that reward your avatar with bountiful skill advancement and search for unique items where demand outstrips supply and the profit for these items can fund your game play or get your avatar that next dream piece of gear.