Treasurehunting - with laser pistols

Imagine Indiana Jones searching for lost artifacts in the Star Wars universe, and then you have a good idea of what Planet Arkadia can offer you. After discovering the treasure hunting possibilities on Planet Arkadia people have flocked to this planet in large numbers. With the prospect of trading their treasures for land on the planet this is a good planet to settle on if you would like to earn daily revenue from taxes on your land.

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The planet everyone speaks about

Discovered by a long term Entropia Universe participant, planet arkadia has been formed into a true players paradise with everything from excellent mining possibilities to densely populated hunting fields for your every hunting need.

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Explore the treasure caves

After collecting one of the Arkadian Keys you will enter the caverns of Aakaas and be presented with a beautiful hall with many doors leading to the treasure you seek. Fight your way through the guardians that lay within to open giant chests of treasure worth real world money!